Christodoulides Brothers Ltd

"Congratulations and thank you for the fantastic business performance in 2008. We are impressed by the energy, passion and dedication of your team and your support in building the Uncle Ben's and Dolmio Brands in the Cyprus market.

We are proud of the long association between our two companies and all the great achievements over the past 45 years
Mars Incorporated, Roula Kamhawi - President AIME Region, Sami Daroumi - General Manager NAEM Region

"The family values of both Mars Incorporated and Christodoulides Bros. Ltd have brought mutually beneficial success and joy unsurpassed across the world. A warm and sincere congratulations and a very deserving thank you on behalf of everyone at Mars Incorporated".
Mars Incorporated

"Thirty-five years of continuous, satisfactory association is an enviable record for both our organizations. You have represented Johnson & Johnson with effectiveness and loyalty. We are grateful to you and happy to have had our Cyprus affairs entrusted to you".
Robert W. Johnson, Chairman of the Board, Johnson & Johnson

"Nowhere do we have better friends. I salute the Christodoulides Brothers organisation because in all they demonstrated their skill of true professionalism".

“Your application and achievements as a company are equally impressive. With companies such as yours supporting the market for US products in Cyprus, I am confident that this market will continue to grow and flourish”
Donald K. Bandler, US Ambassador

“It goes without saying that Johnson and Johnson is very appreciative of your contribution to building the Johnson and Johnson consumer business in Cyprus to a level which rivals our top performing companies in the world measured on a per capita basis. For this outstanding accomplishment we are truly impressed and grateful.
Helge Gagnum, President Johnson and Johnson