Christodoulides Brothers Ltd

Armed with only £200, the two brothers established a business based in old Nicosia town, the centre of trade and commerce. In a small office, which also doubled as a shop they set about contacting the world's most prestigious companies.

RJR Reynolds USA was the first representation. Johnson & Johnson followed and their portfolio was soon to include Zeiss cameras and lenses. The responsibility of the Zeiss operations was later allocated to Phadisco, Christodoulides Bros sister company, as were numerous other medical and pharmaceutical Principals which joined the portfolio over the years.

Shortly after the end of World War II, Colgate Palmolive were their next major representation and through their consistent determination and countrywide sampling campaigns the company's products soon grew to become market leaders. Their progress and commitment laid the foundations for future partnerships.

In 1963 a relationship was formed with Effemex and its Uncle Ben's brand. Small grocers, kiosks, supermarkets and pharmacies were all within the company's distribution network.

By 1969 Christodoulides Bros had outgrown its existing premises and moved to a larger building in the heart of Nicosia. In 1980 a new warehouse was built just outside the capital to accommodate the fast growing business.

1987 they acquired Nounou, a brand of Friesland dairy foods, with a 5% market share, in a few years it was built into the leading brand with over 53% market share. Today this number has far been surpassed.

In 1992 came the procurement of Colgate Palmolive Professional and the non-retail professional market became an additional area of operations, with health services, catering, travel- tourism industries, HORECAS and professional cleaning companies, all being incorporated within the organizations framework of operations.

By 1994 a Greek company by the name of Olympia-Xenia Agro industrial S.A. owned by AB Vassilopoulos Greece entrusted its select Xenia olives and product line to Christodoulides Bros.

Throughout the rest of the 90's and into the new millennium the organization continued to maintain solid growth, with much of the success attributed to its unique internal operating procedures and strong bonds with their customers. Christodoulides Bros currently satisfies a portfolio of over 1.800 retailers across Cyprus.

Johnson & Johnson were our first major representation in 1938. This relationship has lasted over 70 years.